We are a family Running this beautiful Homestay. we born and grow up in this village.

We have 3 rooms with attached bath room. Each room has private terrace ( sit out ) & courtyard. It brings more privacy for you.
Rooms are very simple, but we keep our rooms are clean always. This property is good for work from home alsoFree Wi Fi available the whole property.There are two ways you can go to the beach1, By walking about 4 minutes

2, By Small canoe ( it is local canoe name ” Ponthu”) : we provide a canoe for free, you can easily row it in the lake and can go to the beach.

In the property we also made one hut , we provide meals there.

*beach view from our property


About the Village . 
It is a fishermen beach village . People are very friendly .The village and the Homestay locate in a silent area.

About the Beach
It is a white Sandy beach with coconut trees, you can swim in the Sea and can take sun bath on the white sand.  There are two ways you can go to the beach, one, by walking 5 minutes. the second way , by a small canoe, we provide a small canoe for free for our guests , you can use it easily in the lake and can go to the beach , A small lake from our property to beach.